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Who We Are?

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HomeAbout UsWho We Are?

Who We Are?


What makes ACCENT Commerce services for Nonresidents different and in so many ways unique?

-ACCENT is a business program. Accent provides you with access to full business payment and commercial services in the USA and is available to non residents;
-ACCENT is designed specifically for nonresidents and small to midsize businesses in many different industries;
-We disclose everything. Who we are, where we are, what we do and how your interests and money are managed;
-We are always in compliance with all applicable regulatory standards;
-You ask a question, you get an answer - in 99.9% of the cases very quickly too;
-We always do our best to explain procedures and answer questions in simple, clear language..and not only in English;
-We do NOT allow reselling or remarketing of our services and accounts, products and programs. That is your assurance. The information we offer on this site is free and you should not have to pay for it;
-We do not tolerate any attempts at fraud, misdirection, false ID, spam, profiteering, or any other form of deceit, abuse, misconduct, vulgar commentary or trickery.
-We encourage legitimate, honest businesses from several countries and in very diverse industries to work with us to improve their sales, marketing and objectives. We make available to you systems and resources so that you can grow your business.