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Terms & Conditions

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HomeAbout UsTerms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Before applying for an ACCENT client services account, please make sure you have read and understood the entire website. If you have questions regarding any of the services, procedures, limits or use, please send the query to us using the contact page on This page applies only to the use of Accent provided services.

Each account set up by us is for exclusive use to the person to whom it is assigned. Each account has its own private, secure online access. Additional services are listed in the private client login on

These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between Accentcommerce and You. Please make sure you have read and understood them. This document is provided only in the English language.

Our services function best when there is a clear understanding and open communication. Please never assume anything – if you have any doubts, questions or comments, we will be more than glad to answer you quickly and in full. We may answer a question that is not related directly to our services – in that case the reply is just an opinion. We do NOT provide legal advice, we do NOT provide tax advice. For that, please refer your query to a professional in the jurisdiction that may apply.

Business Activity and Limits to maintain services – There is no maximum limit however, the minimum balance must be $1000.00 or greater at all times. We provide business services and as such there must be an active, ongoing business to be in good standing. Please review our fee schedule for more details. If the account balance falls below $1000.00 – the services may be suspended or closed without notice.

Below minimum monthly transactions for more than 60 days (or average over 60+ days) may be cause for us terminating services.
Any transaction contrary to Accent or US regulations will cause the account to be closed immediately and without notice.
International and Domestic Transactions over $5000.00 incoming or outgoing: You must provide us with the relevant documentation for these transactions (invoices or statements clearly identifying the transaction generally suffice).
If business activity in any month is less than $2000.00 the difference between the actual amount and $2000.00 will be charged at 7.5% plus $100.00 and the following month’s activity rate will be 7.5% irrespective of the account balance. The minimum activity is considered an one or two time exception and not the norm. Minimum activity will automatically trigger the higher rate.
Overdrawn or negative balances are possible (to a very limited degree) and must be corrected immediately. Significant fees will be applied, the card will be immediately closed (with the exception of unauthorized charges) and you may lose all account privileges if you do not maintain and manage the services properly. Although mistakes do happen and sometimes can be corrected, poor account management cannot be permitted.

Our services are provided in the United States and are subject to all the applicable rules and regulations. We do not assume that you are fully aware of how the US system works and how it is regulated, therefore we always suggest that it would benefit you to always ask us before initiating any activity that may be unacceptable to us.
Under no circumstances may you provide the account information to merchant processors or unrelated third parties without consulting with us first. Adding a third party unknown to us to the services we provide will cause the services account to be immediately closed and the balance frozen for up to 6 months. Please DO NOT attempt to do this.

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