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Anti money laudering statement

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HomeAbout UsAnti money laudering statement

Anti money laudering statement


The Accent Anti-Money Laundering Policy ensures that the highest standards of due diligence are applied to the "know your customer" principles; that every staff member consistently complies with legislation requirements and appropriate guidelines in the jurisdictions in which we operate, and at all times we ensure the protection of our clients, merchants and staff, and safeguard the Accent brand and reputation.

- We comply at all times with the requirements of the appropriate legislation.
- We provide training and know-how programs to ensure all staff are aware of their responsibilities and the procedures to be adhered to.
- We take appropriate measures to establish the identity of all persons for whom Accent  may or may not provide services to.
- We retain identification documentation and transactional documentation as defined within local legislation for the requisite time period.
- Failure to provide required and/or requested documents or providing false, counterfeit or unverifiable documents is cause for immediate termination of any accounts. No refunds will be given if any payment has been made.
- Any transaction (debit or credit) of over US$5000.00 must have the relevant documentation provided to us (invoices, bills etc)
- Accent services are business services, as such proper business documentation when asked of you must be provided.

DO NOT use or apply for Accent products and/or services if you do not, can not, or are unable to comply with applicable US and International requirements. Do not apply for an ACCENT provided account if you are going to use it as a 'pass through' account. Online gaming/gambling is strictly prohibited.